Back To School — Keeping Up With The Kids

Jim Fosina, CEO Fosina Marketing Group latest byline’s focus is all about the Back To School season – please read the entire Byline on Retail Touchpoints here:  Back To School — Keeping Up With The Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After a long summer, the kids are finally on their way back to school. Colleges open up in mid-August; elementary schools just after Labor Day. After a long and busy summer filled with family vacation, camp and holidays, Moms and Dads are ready to get back to the normalcy of everyday life. It seems that over the last couple of months they spent their time catering to the needs of “family fun” adventures and celebrations. Many of the true necessities of the family were put on hold, reasoning that there would be time in the fall to handle those tasks. The world now is getting back to work again. Are you ready? You are heading into one of the most important quarters of the year for your business. Did you take the summer off…?