Fosina Marketing Group Discusses Effective Acquisition Strategies

Subscription marketers continue to struggle to find cost effective and efficient strategies and tactics to acquire new customers. The experts from Fosina Marketing Group have shared three cost-efficient strategies for attracting new consumer customers and maximizing lifetime value while minimizing risk in these efforts:

  1. Engaging Messaging –your advertising message is battling with many others for the attention of your prospects. Spend time on developing a series of subject lines and messaging that reinforces your unique selling proposition and entices the viewer/prospect to click thru to learn more. Be in a constant mode of test, optimize, deploy.
  2. Compelling Offer – Insure that you are developing landing pages that make it exciting and easy for the prospect to understand the value of your offer and easily move down the path from interest to purchase. Your prospect is seeking value during this process so be sure to have a strong and compelling call to action
  3. Leverage the Pay for Performance channel – You can work with the Fosina Marketing Group  to help you leverage a Cost per Acquisition strategy (CPA) which mitigates your overall media costs when compared to other “reach” based media alternatives. Not all media providers offer this option, so it’s best to work with an organization like Fosina Marketing Groupto execute this strategy.