On Prime Day, Amazon’s Really Just Selling Themselves

Happy to share that Amy Onorato, managing editor at DMN News went live with her article, On Prime Day, Amazon’s Really Just Selling Themselves – which includes Jim Fosina, CEO, Fosina Marketing Group commentary below.

  • “Acquiring a customer is not acquiring a subscriber,” Fosina said during a recent DMN One on One podcast. “…We’ve seen it that, that if you put a subscription out there and you acquire a customer, there’s a thought pattern that they’ll just come back. Well, they’re not going to ‘just come back.’ You have to engage with that consumer and keep your product or your service top of mind … so that from month to month, or week to week, or quarter to quarter, they want to continue engaging with you.”
  • Fosina says Amazon’s success with Prime is equal to their investment in developing the value proposition of their service, giving members more of a reason to sign up — and stay on — while justifying rising cost to subscribe.
  • “All this time is they’ve been developing the Prime service, which is more than just shipping,” Fosina said. “They’ve developed a real customer experience.”