Here’s How HBO Is Preparing to Do Battle With Netflix

Jim Fosina comments in Brandon Katz, reporter at the New York Observer  article, Here’s How HBO Is Preparing to Do Battle With Netflix

  • “It really isn’t about broadcast or mass audience ‘reach’ in today’s market to be competitive. It’s all about audience engagement,” Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, told Observer. “HBO needs to look at its programming schedule and content and understand clearly whether this programming is truly engaging the audience, keeping them engaged throughout the vast majority of its content. Regardless of the size of the content provider—Hulu, Netflix, AT&T, etc.—the real measure of winners and losers in this game will be those that can fill each hour of programming with the richest and most engaging viewer content.”
  • Fosina is right to highlight the value of audience engagement as it provides platforms with endless viewership analytics. Netflix’s tech team is sitting on a goldmine of data: what viewers watch, how long they watch it for, what type of content they jump from, when they pause, etc. Using that data to serve and promote to an audience enables the streamer to keep them engaged and better tailor its offerings to individualized clusters.
  • “For the potential subscriber, there is much to gain in this battle over which provider has the richest, most enticing, exciting and engaging content as each provider will battle to be the best of the rest,” Fosina said. “Expect that HBO will do much more in exclusive live programming of an array of different events, so as to attract the marketable audience engagement it takes to win.”