MoviePass Parent Gains 2% on Turnaround Speculation

Taylor Nicole Rogers, reporter at TheStreet went live with her article, MoviePass Parent Gains 2% on Turnaround Speculation – which includes Jim Fosina, CEO at Fosina Marketing Group commentary.

  • “H&M made all of these shares available to keep the company afloat from a financial perspective,” Jim Fosina, CEO of subscription marketing firm Fosina Marketing Group said. “The key issue with their subscription model is that it is a ‘money losing’ model. While attractive to the subscriber from a monthly cost standpoint, the company is actually losing money with each subscriber.”
  • “The rationale that the company is providing is that they believe that the real jewel in the model is ‘if you build it, the advertisers will come with the marketing dollars’,” Fosina said. “The company believes that there is real value in the data that they are collecting from subscriber engagement. While the data is valuable, in our opinion and from the lack of excitement from advertiser budgets, it will not be enough for the company to grow.”