Disrupting the Marketing Landscape – Fosina Marketing Group’s Direct to Consumer Subscription Model

As marketers in all industry verticals are awakening to a significant change in consumer preferences and buying patterns, a business model that was once solely in marketing tool kits of book publishers and CD clubs has gone main stream. It has become very clear that today’s consumer desires a stronger relationship between their needs and brand offerings. The millennial consumer has already demonstrated their affinity to brands that provide a high level of convenience in serving their ongoing needs through subscription services.

The experts at Fosina Marketing Group have been providing a suite of services and capabilities that allow for the construction and development of a direct to consumer subscription strategy and infrastructure. Founded in 2003, Fosina Marketing is a leading full-service, online subscription marketing agency that provides clients with strategic insight, tactics, and message optimization in order to maximize marketing investments. Fosina excels at monitoring real time shifts in technology and consumer purchasing behavior in order to create leverage for their clients and optimize customer acquisition strategies.