Amazon is banning customers over frequent returns

Jim Fosina, CEO Fosina Marketing Group shares his thoughts with Daphne Howland, retail reporter at Retail Dive  and her article Amazon is banning customers over frequent returns.

  • Returns are expensive for retailers, however, representing lost sales, sometimes damaged or opened inventory and extra staff time. “It is prudent for Amazon to make it clear to all consumers that there are policies that govern returns to avoid issues like this,” Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, said in an email to Retail Dive. “There can’t be a wide open policy in terms of returns. The criminal element in the world is constantly searching for gaps to exploit. Fraud not only impacts the company, it can eventually impact the consumer, in some way, could be through higher prices.. and/or more restrictive policies.”
  • In fact, the e-retailer’s return policy remains “very liberal and customer friendly” despite what was described in the Journal’s report, Fosina said, and compared its actions to rejecting fraudulent credit cards. Still, it would behoove Amazon to be more upfront about the  policy, he also said.

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