Fosina Marketing Group Analyzes Millennials and the Shift to a Subscription Economy

The rise of all consumers including Millennials to prefer and embrace a subscription-based relationship with their choice of products and services demands that smart companies re-evaluate and optimize the way they currently engage with their customers and prospects. For the Millennial generation, these type of connections with brands are “table stakes” in terms of affinity and loyalty. This generation has a much different sense of values and expectations when selecting vendors and service providers.

At Fosina Marketing Group we believe that in order for companies to remain viable there is a mission critical emphasis and focus requirement. Dated strategies and tactics will simply not connect with this audience and/or their buying patterns. Winners in this new marketplace must examine their strategies and tactics with an eye towards total readjustment and transformation. Failure to adapt to this hyper changing shift in media consumption and engagement patterns could spell disaster. It is paramount for any marketer that is serious about maintaining and/or increasing its level of engagement & profitability with this audience, develops new and innovative ways to engage the audience and deliver their products/services.