Launch of the Amora Coffee Brand Through Direct To Consumer Digital Strategy

Incredibly crowded and intensely competitive, the coffee beverage marketplace poses a challenge for any brand focused on finding ways to differentiate their product offering and engage with consumers open to embrace new brands. The Amora coffee brand needed to find an innovative way to connect with coffee consumers in order to have any chance of capturing a share of this market. The brand turned to Fosina Marketing Group (experts in direct to consumer digital marketing) as a partner.

The agency began its work in differentiating Amora by assigning a dedicated team of “direct to consumer experts “ focused on creative design, product positioning, channel development, infrastructure set-up, campaign management, billing, customer service & product fulfillment. Having built a strong track record of success with a variety of companies in different vertical markets, the team leveraged their tremendous understanding of the shift in consumer buying patterns and the affinity that  today’s consumers have with “subscription based services.”  The team at Fosina has developed a compelling direct to consumer product offering backed by a cost effective and efficient media plan targeted to coffee drinkers that has proven to be highly successful in attracting and retaining new customers and brand ambassadors. Extensive efforts have centered on identifying, screening and engaging with the highest quality purchasers and building affinity and retention to the brand.

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