Stitch Fix adds intimates to subscription box offer

Daphne Howland at Retail Dive article Stitch Fix adds intimates to subscription box offer, which includes Jim Fosina, CEO Fosina Marketing Group commentary.

  • If lingerie and other extras are part of that effort, it’s a good place to start, experts told Retail Dive. The category will likely be a winner for Stitch Fix, despite a crowded market, according to Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, who called it “a great move.”
  • “Loyal subscribers to a brand will buy incremental products from the brand they trust,” he told Retail Dive in an email. “Stitch Fix already has a captivated audience and is an authority in direct-to-consumer subscription apparel. I do not see this as a challenge in a crowded intimate apparel market but rather an opportunity for Stitch Fix to sell more to their customers. Subscription experts know that selling ancillary products to your existing customer base increases profit per customer by 50% to 100% in lifetime value.”