Marketers Jump to Sign on with Subscription Services

Once considered a failing business model because of the lack of consumer interest, subscription based services are making a resurgence, and marketers are flipping perspectives to get on board. It has become very clear that today’s consumer desires a stronger relationship between their needs and brand offerings. The millennial consumer has already demonstrated their affinity to brands that provide a high level of convenience in serving their ongoing needs through subscription services.


The $1 billion sale of the Dollar Shave Club, a five year old razor start-up that utilized creativity, technology, and an effective subscription model to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry is a case in point. The meteoric rise of Dollar Shave Club has demonstrated to marketing organizations that the time is now to transform their thinking and channel strategies to embrace an incremental business model that engages with prospects and customers in a new way.  The key to success with a subscription relationship with consumers has its foundation in a highly robust and flexible ecosystem that integrates seamlessly at each customer touchpoint with a brand. It is critical that brands understand the role of creative design, competitive offer development, messaging optimization & targeted media strategies as mission critical components of building a successful and profitable relationship with customers through this channel.

The experts at Fosina Marketing Group have been providing a suite of services and capabilities that allow for the construction and development of a direct to consumer subscription strategy and infrastructure. Founded in 2003, Fosina Marketing is a leading full-service, online subscription marketing agency that provides clients with strategic insight, tactics, and message optimization in order to maximize marketing investments.

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