How Netflix’s Super Bowl Hijack Could Be an Entertainment Industry Game Changer

Jim Fosina, CEO Fosina Marketing Group shared his comments with Brandon Katz, New York Observer How Netflix’s Super Bowl Hijack Could Be an Entertainment Industry Game Changer


  • “No doubt this is a turning point for Netflix and other streaming services,” Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, told Observer. “They are hijacking commercial time on major events to promote streaming events. They are doing ‘conquest selling,’ and there is no better way to get this done than to intrude real-time programming into live broadcasts when they know the audience will be there.”
  • “I expect that you will see more of this during large live coverage events,” Fosina explained. “I suspect that the Olympics are going to be a perfect venue for this, as well as the Academy Awards and those big TV events that draw huge audiences. Netflix can be opportunistic in the way it plans these real-time efforts.”
  • “For Netflix, the goal is to demonstrate that the streaming audience is engaged with the content,” Fosina said. “Netflix wants to demonstrate that their content has a real connection with the viewer so that advertisers begin to realize that the streaming audience and programming content is what they should market within to truly reach a more engaged viewer and potential customer.”
  • “This first effort was a test to understand whether they could grab viewers from a live event,” Fosina said. “Netflix is monitoring the performance of this production and will gain great understanding of who viewed it, how many viewed, the level of their engagement, etc. It’s a benchmark on the strategy, and I expect they will view other upcoming content based on this performance.