Amazon unveils top 20 cities for HQ2

Daphne Howland, retail reporter at Retail Dive article includes Jim Fosina commentary on this news – Amazon unveils top 20 cities for HQ2

  • Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, believes Amazon in the end will land on the East Coast in one of the smaller cities. Quality of life concerns for its employees will likely steer Amazon away from the major metro areas.
  • As it is with Seattle, Amazon, I believe likes to be seen as a major player in the market that they reside. This would work against major cities like New York, Chicago etc.,” Fosina said in an email to Retail Dive. “Amazon is also very focused on quality of life for their employees, the total package, housing, education, lifestyle etc. In my opinion this also lends itself towards smaller markets.”
  • Prepare for some serious jockeying among these final 20, Fosina said. “Suffice to say, billions of dollars in revenue for the market and over 50,000 new jobs from the major player in e-commerce will have all markets putting their best foot forward in terms of a package that will entice them,” he said.