Diversity in luxury: Luxury Memo special report

Jim Fosina commentary in this Danny Parisi, Luxury Daily special report article around how diversity can be a benefit to a luxury business.  Read the full article here:  Diversity in luxury: Luxury Memo special report 

  • “Brands of all sorts these days are looking for ways to engage consumers with hyper-relevant products and services,” said Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, Danbury, CT. “There is really no time for brands to maintain a one-size-or-style mentality if they want to grow and be profitable in the years ahead.
  • “Consumers are doing much more than looking at the quality and price of a company’s products,” he said. “Today’s consumer, especially in [the] luxury brands’ category, is looking the backbone of the company in terms of the way that they treat all employees and how they truly conduct business in a fair and equitable manner.”

Jim Fosina, CEO, Fosina Marketing Group
“Create a diverse work environment to build a stronger company. No one in the organization should feel as if you have adjusted your requirements for your employees because you are more interested in achieving a quota required to be viewed as a ‘diverse’ work environment. Always maintain your standards of quality and excellence in all that you do.”