Fosina Marketing Group Dives into Coffee Marketing Strategies

The lynchpin to success was establishing a concise & compelling unique selling proposition for the brand in light of the crowded competitive arena.  Fosina’s marketing team focused on the freshness of the product as a key point of differentiation. “When your favorite blend of coffee is measured by hand and sealed into AerostaticLock® bags, then shipped immediately right to your door, roaster-fresh at the peak of flavor and aroma, that’s Amora!  They focused on the home delivery aspect of the product offering as the only way to get truly fresh coffee. Amora would never be available in retail stores as result, reinforcing the premise that store shelf brands could never be “Amora Fresh”. Brand positioning was strengthened by focusing on the fact that the coffee was roasted daily in small batches and delivered direct to home via two-day priority mail.  The consumer was comforted by knowing they were receiving optimum quality and freshness as compared to retail store shelf options that could be months old.

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