New Shopping Holiday for Consumers & Subscription Box Marketers!

Starting Sunday, November 26th, 2017will never be the same!

It seems that merchants have been promoting “Black Friday” and “Pre-Black Friday” deals since July. The holiday has become synonymous with the consumer population rushing out to retail stores to grab “once in a lifetime” deals for others (or themselves) before others grab consumer electronics, consumer housewares before the limited supply disappears. Not to be outdone, Amazon and others have literally built their own shopping holiday – Cyber Monday. Like its stepsister, the marketing promise in Monday’s mania is that online merchants provide consumers with incredible deals on products and services for this one-day shopping craziness.

I have always wondered whether these “holidays” are as relevant to the way in which consumers shop for gifts today as they were years ago. Many brick and mortar big box retailers have made commitments this year that they are going to be closed on Thanksgiving night. Last time I checked, consumer shopping patterns have shifted dramatically in recent years. Everywhere you turn, mall parking lots are empty and retail stores are finding it difficult to keep their doors open and manage overhead. Consumers are getting smarter with each passing year about the choices they are making.

Today’s consumer has grown weary with the entire shopping experience. While Cyber Monday provides the hope that spending time in front of our mobile devices will allow us to find the Best Deal – there is no real assurance that in visiting a gaggle of shopping sites, the consumer will find the best deal. There is no real navigation for shopping on Cyber Monday. Online shoppers are shifting once again from an endless online journey to find the perfect gift, merchant, and price for all on their list. The fact is that the process is time-consuming and productivity draining.  Many consumers end their day exhausted and embracing the simplest and least endearing of all gifts – a gift card.

Like many of you, all of us here are Fosina Marketing are students of consumer behavior. It has always been our goal to provide tools and services that help marketers engage with their prospects and customers in a meaningful, engaging and profitable manner. For over 15 years, we have worked with a wide range of marketers helping them optimize the way in which they connect with customers thru the direct to consumer subscription channel. We have had a front row seat in the last 18 months for the explosion in “subscription box” channel in our country.

Consumers are embracing this channel at a pace that rivals all other channels. Consumers really don’t have the time or desire to spend shopping from store to store any longer. Gen X, Y, Z & Millennials want choice and ease in procuring their goods and services. As a result of this dramatic shift away from retail purchasing, there are now hundreds of companies that have crafted subscription offers that resonate with today’s buyers. There is no denying the presence and relevance of these subscription based offers.

We have launched a new division – PollyDrop at Fosina Marketing. Our initial step in building this business was to designate Subscription Box Sunday as a new and exciting shopping holiday. A holiday totally dedicated to shopping for great offers within the subscription box arena. In launching an amazing new shopping holiday, Subscription Box Sunday, through is designed to help consumers shop within an online environment that contains a leading selection of great subscription offers all in one place. When Subscription Box Sunday bursts on to the holiday shopping scene on Sunday, November 26th – Consumers will have one place to shop for the right subscription box offer across a well-organized network of product/service based aisles.  Consumers will find great offers within Subscription Box Sunday allowing the shopper to select the most compelling subscription offer available for everyone on their list (which more often than not is themselves)! We believe that consumers are realizing that the greatest gift this holiday season is one that keeps giving throughout the year. Pollydrop’s Subscription Box Sunday takes the hassle out of shopping from one site to another to understand great offers available in the marketplace.

We are incredibly excited about the enthusiasm within the subscription box arena for this formation of this amazing shopping holiday. We have been provided a sneak peak of many of the Subscription Box Sunday deals and are sure that every consumer with a discriminating list of family and friends to shop for will find a collection of great deals on amazing sub box offers – all in one place.

Subscription box and related offers have changed the dynamic of retailing again in our market. The launch of Subscription Box Sunday will change holiday shopping forever starting November 26th! Make sure that you set your alarm on Sunday morning to log into

Jim Fosina

Fosina Marketing