Can AMEX Be Relevant in Real Time?

In a recent LinkedIn article published on October 19, 2017, Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO Fosina Marketing Group posted the following thoughts on the changes at the top of AMEX.


Ken Chenault’s move to announce his retirement from American Express after 16 years appears to be yet another casualty of a very real war that is happening within our economy. We have all witnessed and participated in (during last 24 months), one of the most profound periods of change in our economy I have ever seen. Many of us saw the changes brewing in the last several decades and were harbingers that many legacy romantics chided and scolded us for having thought these thoughts. It appears that after ages of denial, change has most definitely come to our world and our economy and many are in the process of either waving the surrender flag or trying to figure out significant transformation in real time. This is now…”no economy for old thinking”

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Can AMEX Be Relevant in Real Time?

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