Nielsen’s New Ratings Measurement of Netflix Shows May Upend the TV Industry

Jim Fosina, CEO Fosina Marketing Group commentary in the New York Observer 

  • “If they want to increase their monthly subscriber revenue to their base over time, they will need to insure that the product and content that they are offering the audience continues to be of commensurate value to the audience as they increase price,” Jim Fosina, founder and CEO of subscription marketing firm Fosina Marketing Group, told Observer. “Household viewership and engagement data is going to be critical in this analysis. In order for streaming players to achieve that, they must be viewed on the same battlefield. It’s a battle for ad dollars, sponsorships, etc. and now that independent data has brought new transparency around audience reach and engagement, the game is changed forever.”
  • “What you don’t know and no one asks for could hurt you,” Fosina said. “My guess is that they either didn’t have the data around content engagement at a household level or they did and didn’t like what they have seen relative to these figures…The market is wising up to the fact that while you have very cool content available to your subscribers—is the audience actually spending time with it and if so, how much time? Do they cherry pick your content and then move on or are they regular and frequent users of the network of content that you provide? This is how you will ultimately garner more than your current subscription fee and/or give the provider the ability to increase the fee due to the fact they have a loyal base of viewers who love their content so much, they will pay more for it.”