Amazon HQ2 bids are in. Who will win?

Daphne Howland, retail reporter at Retail Diver article centers on Amazon searching for their second HQ with Jim Fosina, CEO commentary.

  • Amazon HQ2 bids are in. Who will win?
    • The high-profile antics on the part of governors and mayors in their appeals to Amazon struck many observers as embarrassing, but there are plenty of reasons to woo the e-commerce giant and its $5 billion project, said Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. It’s a pretty big deal, considering that Bezos said the campus will be “a full equal to our Seattle headquarters.” Beyond the obvious prospect of new jobs (Amazon said it’ll have 50,000 mostly well-paying slots to fill in the next 10 years), government leaders know that the arrival of a company at the vanguard of retail and technology is a signal to yet other companies that these areas are good places to settle in.
    • “I think that it is a great process (similar to and probably more valuable than) the way in which cities around the world compete for the Olympics,” Fosina told Retail Dive in an email. “Winning Amazon, like the Olympics, can be a game changer for these towns and states. I applaud the towns for their level of intensity and creativity.”
    • But the Olympics have lost much of its lustre for cities globally because the event has turned out to be a hugely costly endeavor that garners fleeting attention, requires expensive and aggravating logistics, yet yields few enduring benefits. Unlike the Olympics, however, Fosina believes Amazon’s arrival would translate to years of advantages to local economies. “Amazon is much more durable of a win since it brings a level of stability to the local economy versus a three-month event,” he said.