The 91st Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is here

As with many retailers this holiday season, the print catalog is still a powerful marketing vehicle — being physical, immersive in their content and not quite as easily disposed of as email marketing. There’s also a place for the Neiman Christmas Book as a seasonal topic of discussion, according to Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group.

  • This week Neiman Marcus unveiled its 91st “Christmas Book,” a catalog of lavish gifts, including outré items like pampering in Paris, special-edition Rolls-Royce cars and New Year’s Eve at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York.
  • The department store took care to note, however, that of the 780 holiday gifts in the catalog’s 300 pages, almost half are priced under $250, that the least expensive is $9 and that proceeds from some of the higher-ticket items will go to charities.
  • The department store, which is also celebrating its 110th anniversary, first published its Christmas book in 1926 as a 16-page pamphlet sent as a Christmas card to the store’s best customers.