How To Compete With Amazon This Holiday Season

Blake Morgan, contributor at Forbes  article around how can retailers compete with Amazon this holiday season. Read Jim Fosina, CEO commentary.

  • How To Compete With Amazon This Holiday Season
    • Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, says it all comes down to out-marketing Amazon.
    • One way retailers can compete with Amazon is by getting creative with how they price and sell products. With its huge customer base, Amazon has the ability to cut prices and quick delivery. Smaller retailers might not be able to compete with Amazon on prices for individual items, but they can put together holiday bundles of two to three items that can be sold together to appeal to shoppers, says Jim.
    • One area where local retailers find it hard to compete with Amazon is delivery. After all, few companies can offer free two-day shipping. Again, smaller retailers can find ways to match or improve on Amazon’s offerings in a way they can control. They might not be able to offer free shipping on every order, but they can offer same-day delivery within a certain radius of the store. Try partnering with a delivery service that can deliver items in their neighborhood on the same day they are purchased says Jim Fosina. Local delivery services also often make it possible for customers to schedule their own delivery times and gives the retailer more control over the quality and timing of the delivery. Personal service and quick local delivery are great ways to make smaller retailers stand out.