Did Kohl’s make a deal with the devil?

Daphne Howland, retail reporter at Retail Dive – article on Kohl’s partnering with Amazon, including Jim Fosina commentary below.


  • Did Kohl’s make a deal with the devil?
    • The in-store return proposition is also a way for Amazon to expand on its already stellar reputation for customer service, Tailor said. And it will save Amazon a lot of trouble, Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, told Retail Dive. “It’s a smart move by Amazon,” he said. “They potentially save operating costs by having a third party manage the return process, which could at times be very time consuming.”
    • Fosina sees it that way too, but believes that Amazon is probably studying the level of potential, weighed against the real estate and labor costs of Kohl’s operations. “Amazon will be able to understand what percentage of current Amazon customers purchase products at Kohl’s incremental to their Amazon purchase,” he said. “If [they find] that the Kohl’s buyer is either A.) not a frequent Amazon consumer and/or B.) will actually spend more in combination between more expansive Amazon’s offering and a physical presence in Kohl’s, it could be a smart move.”