Mobile – Luxury Memo special report

See Danny Parisi – Luxury Daily article, Mobile – Luxury Memo special report, includes Jim Fosina commentary.

“Luxury brands typically focused on long-form messaging when it comes to branding,” said Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group, Danbury, CT. “Mobile is short form – focused on high-impact communication platforms.

“In this case, luxury brands truly need to make a picture worth 1,000 words of copy,” he said. “There is a very short consideration set period of time for the consumer. Either make your impact quickly or the consumer scrolls onto the next message or photo.”

 Jim Fosina, CEO, Fosina Marketing Group

  • “Luxury brands need to become known for impactful short-form videos via mobile. The consumer likes and engages with mobile for entertainment. Be entertaining in showcasing your products via mobile.”
  • “Insert a link from mobile video messaging to a retail or ecommerce partner so that the marketer can convert the engagement in video content to purchase of the product.”