What Social Media Automation Can and Cannot Get Right

  • What Social Media Automation Can and Cannot Get Right
    • Jim Fosina CEO of Fosina Marketing Group adds to this article: “There are a number of social media campaign management platforms (Sprinklr being the leading player) that allow organizations and/or agency partners the ability to centralize the connection between customer/prospect and brand regardless of the specific social media platform they are engaging with. Gone are the days when companies needed to go to each platform and launch siloed efforts. What’s great about these unified platforms is the ability to monitor the interaction between content and consumer on a social media channel by channel basis, they also allow the brand to be a part of the social media community and take an active role in driving and/or coordinating the conversation happening in that channel. The more that the brand can understand the conversation and the content that seems to be resonating with the community, the better job the brand can do to shape their own market message to be hyper relevant to the community. This level of reporting also helps the brand understand who the true leaders and influencers are within the community, by monitoring these channels. Platforms allow brand owners the ability to identify if there are any issues that are being raised that would have an impact on the value of the brand, so that these items can be addressed within the social media community as quickly as possible to present answers and prevent issues from spreading to the general population.
    • “A coordinated platform allows for ease of use in maintaining a dialogue with customers, identifying issues and remedies to those issues and allows for a contextual path to introduce and/or poll new ideas and thoughts about new brand ideas to those that are truly engaged in discussion regarding the brand and/or related topic.”
    • The more that you can make it appear that someone (Jim) is sitting behind that autoresponder, the closer you will be to building a stronger bridge between you and the customer. Customers truly crave human connection, and a sense that they aren’t a number to your company, brings the human touch back into your systems, while you automate what you can.
    • Commenting on where social media marketers should not look at automation to help out, Jim adds, “It is our sense that there is ALWAYS a need for human intervention. The technology is purely a means to make conversation more enabled and efficient. There must be human beings, who review data coming from these channels whether high level and/or granular and determine what is in the best interest of the brand in terms of messaging strategy. No level of automation and/or technology can replace the human being charting the path in terms of the most appropriate and relevant communication and interaction. Customers and Interactors want to know that they are dealing with a REAL company and a real level of human interaction. Automation has not yet mastered that level of true human interaction yet.”