Fosina Marketing Group Provides Strategic Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

At Fosina Marketing Group we help non-profit organizations in several ways. We can acquire new donors using the sustained monthly giving credit card Donor model via a fixed Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) and/or expand reach via a Cost-per-Lead (CPL) program. Many of Fosina’s media relationships are unique, and in some cases exclusive.  Additionally, Fosina’s knowledge of merchant processing for recurring revenue is invaluable for non-profits.

Fosina’s focus is not just about getting a Donor, but also assisting non-profits in generating recurring revenue month over month, and for the life-time of the Donor.  Our strategy also includes understanding the audience, how to reach sustained giving Donors, and the ongoing contact management strategy, messaging and imagery. You can also read some of our initial tips on how non-profits can improve their marketing efforts here.

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