Direct To Consumer Digital Strategy Launched the Amora Coffee Brand

The coffee beverage marketplace is incredibly crowded and intensely competitive. The challenge for any brand in this battle is focused on finding ways to differentiate their product offering from the competitive set and engage with consumers open to embrace new brands. The Amora coffee brand needed to find an innovative way to connect with coffee consumers in order to have any chance of capturing a share of this marketplace. The brand turned to Fosina Marketing Group (experts in direct to consumer digital marketing) as a partner.

The agency began its work in differentiating Amora by assigning a dedicated team of “direct to consumer experts “ focused on creative design, product positioning, channel development, infrastructure set-up, campaign management, billing, customer service & product fulfillment. Having built a strong track record of success with a variety of companies in different vertical markets, the team leveraged their tremendous understanding of the shift in consumer buying patterns and the affinity that today’s consumers have with “subscription based services.” The team at Fosina has developed a compelling direct to consumer product offering backed by a cost effective and efficient media plan targeted to coffee drinkers that has proven to be highly successful in attracting and retaining new customers and brand ambassadors. Extensive efforts have centered on identifying, screening and engaging with the highest quality purchasers and building affinity and retention to the brand.

The lynchpin to success was establishing a concise & compelling unique selling proposition for the brand in light of the crowded competitive arena. Fosina’s marketing team focused on the freshness of the product as a key point of differentiation. “When your favorite blend of coffee is measured by hand and sealed into AerostaticLock® bags, then shipped immediately right to your door, roaster-fresh at the peak of flavor and aroma, that’s Amora! They focused on the home delivery aspect of the product offering as the only way to get truly fresh coffee. Amora would never be available in retail stores as result, reinforcing the premise that store shelf brands could never be “Amora Fresh”. Brand positioning was strengthened by focusing on the fact that the coffee was roasted daily in small batches and delivered direct to home via two-day priority mail. The consumer was comforted by knowing they were receiving optimum quality and freshness as compared to retail store shelf options that could be months old.

The Fosina Marketing Group sets the standard in today’s marketplace for successful direct to consumer marketing strategy, methods, execution and performance. As students of the direct to consumer marketplace and the shifts in consumer purchasing patterns, the company was in the unique position to leverage these real time learnings into the launch and management of the Amora Coffee brand. The brand continues to serve as an ongoing testimonial to the trust that the company places with its strategy, techniques and digital tool kit for many other agency customers. Launched by the agency in 2011, Amora continues to take full advantage of the Fosina extensive service & tools suite and its ability to power the ongoing growth of the brand in terms of acquiring and retaining high value customers.

Fosina Marketing Group’s clients all benefit from a similar passion and focus on the creativity, ingenuity, expertise, and dedication that continue to power and strengthen the Amora Coffee brand in the subscription beverage industry. Fosina has become the leader in providing customers with the state of the art of direct to consumer digital marketing agency services. This highly tenured team of direct-to-consumer experts share a common passion for helping clients achieves their goals and objectives both in the near term and over the consumer lifecycle.

Fosina is proud of their client relationships and even prouder of the results that they have been able to achieve for brands that include Disney, AARP, AMC Networks, Kraft, Save the Children, The Economist, Gevalia, World Book, Harper Collings, A&E, Dr. Seuss & Friends, Highlights, and many more. Fosina Marketing Group continues to distinguish its agency through an incredible commitment to understanding the real time shifts in consumer purchasing patterns and the ability to craft strategies, methods & tactics that provide customers the power to optimize their marketing dollars and is already prepared for tomorrow. With the limits placed on marketing budgets today and an even greater focus on accountability and return on investment, marketers seeking to acquire and retain customers can ill afford mistakes in focus and execution. Fosina Marketing Group continues to expand its legacy of performance in helping customers navigate the complexity of the marketing funnel.


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